KidsAid Across America Project  –  An epic journeyin aid of children

KidsAid Across America is more that just a bicycle tour. It is an opportunity for the participants in the tour to challenge themselves, put themselves outside of their comfort zone, and do something good for sick children.


The participants of the KidsAid Across America tour range widely across ages groups – from 27 to 74 years old – and most of the participants had never even sat on a racing bicycle before they started their training. Every one of them has their own personal reasons for participating in the tour – beyond the main goal of helping children in hospitals. Some have a desire to change their lifestyle, lose weight and get stronger, others are doing it to meet interesting people and get an experience they’ll never forget.

But in the end, the participants in the KidsAid Across America tour be the ambassadors of a project and a community aimed at improving conditions for children in Danish hospitals – and provide them with unique experience to help them escape from the challenges that they face everyday.


t started out as a dream, a great challenge that would make a difference to others and not just ourselves. Now the dream has become a reality, and we start in the summer of 2015 on a fantastic bike ride across the United States. My wife Maria and I will cycle every inch of this long journey, and we can’t wait to get started on this experience of a lifetime.

I have been a board member in the KidsAid Foundation since 2009, so it was natural to make this a project for KidsAid, and thus support the sick and underprivileged children in Denmark. I feel so strongly about the charity that with the help of Stoke City, I have been able to raise funds to enable to ride to go ahead.

However, we are aiming higher than that and hope that a lot of other people will see the same opportunities in the project as we do. There are opportunities for you to support the project with Sponsorship, Donations, and Product Equipment Supply to name a few. We would also like to share the experience in the United States with other happy bike enthusiasts. We have therefore divided the trip into 7 exciting stages that you can ride in.

The goal is to raise a lot of money, but also that everyone has the opportunity to expand their network and build some friendships that will carry on long beyond this project.

We hope you will be a part of this dream, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Across america in 7m stages

Click on the route to learn more about the individual stages.

KidsAid Across America Project

Stage 01

Astoria, Oregon to Boise, Idaho

The tour starts in the town of Astoria in Oregon, where Lewis & Clark’s famous expedition across America wintered in 1805. It heads along the Columbia River towards Portland and out through the green Cascades’ mountain range towards Mount Hood (3429m). This will be the first serious challenge with a 20-kilometre ascent of 4%.

We reach the plateau, we will stay in the Warm Springs Indian Reservation with the Wasco people. We then hit the trip’s longest stage of 186 km. We go through the Ochoco National Forest to the town of John Day. We then head to Idaho and follow the stunningSnake River Valley towards the state’s capital of Boise.

Stage 02

Boise, Idaho to Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The tour will leave Boise towards Twin Falls, where most of the stage will follow the Snake River and its many beautiful waterfalls.

On the way to Pocatello, the tour will follow along the E. Baseline Road, described by some as one of the loneliest roads in America. It is mile-after-mile of emptiness before finally reaching civilisation again Massacre Rocks State Park – this was a famous place on the old Oregon route, where many settlers were ambushed in a small passage between the cliffs known as the “Gate of Death”.

The last part of the stage takes the participants across one of the highest points of the trip, Teton Pass, which is 2570 metres high. With the Grand Tetons in the background and a wild panoramic view across Jackson Hole, the tour heads into Wyoming and the legendary town of Jackson Hole.

Stage 03

Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Rapid City, South Dakota

This is probably one of the most scenic stages along the long tour. It begins in Jackson Hole, against a backdrop of the majestic Grand Tetons mountains, before cycling into Yellowstone National Park. The tour continues east across the Continental Divide to the town of Cody, which was founded by William Frederick Cody, better known as Buffalo Bill. The tour continues on past the town of Greybull, and across the Bighorn mountain range – the highest and steepest part of the trip by Granite Pass.

With the Rocky Mountains in the rear, the tour heads into South Dakota towards the Lakota Indians’ holy area in the Black Hills. We will cycle the beautiful route up through Spearfish Canyon. The stage ends with a visit to one of America’s best-known landmarks, Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Monument.

Stage 04

Rapid City, South Dakota to Sioux Falls, South Dakota

This leg of the tour starts in South Dakota’s flowing green pastures in the town of Wall. The town is the western entrance to Badlands National Park, and the participants will cycle the stunning route through the moonscape on Loop Road. The area has always played an important role for the many local Indian tribes, and it was just south of the park that the Indian war ended in 1890 with the massacre by Wounded Knee.

The tour then continues to South Dakota’s capital Pierre, and beyond following the Missouri river southeast and onward to Mitchell city, before coming to an end in Sioux Falls, which is South Dakota’s biggest city.

Stage 05

Sioux Falls, South Dakota to Manitowoc, Wisconsin

From Sioux Falls, the tour heads into southern Minnesota. This part of the trip will reveal a part of America not widely seen. In Minnesota, 32% of the residents have Scandinavian roots, separating it from the rest of America.After the cosy town of Mankato, the participants continue to Rochester.

This is home to the Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s best and biggest hospitals. It was founded by Dr. William Worrall Mayo 150 years ago and now employs 32.000 people. After crossing the entire state of Minnesota the participants will cross over the Mississippi river and into Wisconsin to the city of La Crosse.

Stage 06

Manitowoc, Wisconsin to Niagara Falls, New York

The tour departs from La Crosse and follows the first of the Rails-to-Trails projects in America – A former railway track has been converted to a cycle path – in the town of Sparta. Apart from a breathtaking route through the scenery the participants will have to cycle through 3 tunnels with no light – the longest is over 1 km and will probably need a light or two.

By Manitowoc the participants board the S.S. Badger Ferry and sail four hours across Lake Michigan to Ludington. The tour’s first day in Michigan passes through Manistee National Forest, which is one of the many woodland areas and covers 50% of the state. The landscape is flat and makes great cycling terrain on our onward journey to the Canadian border.

Stage 07

Niagara Falls, New York to Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The tour leaves the tumbling water and starts the final part of this epic cycle ride. After Henrietta city, the participants hit the Erie canal. This 580 km long “waterway” was built in 1825 to link Lake Erie with the Hudson river in Alba. After the town of Troy, the tour crosses the Hudson river and cycle into Vermont. The scenery changes here and we move up to the Green Mountain range, which is covered in snow. The ascents are shorter than in the west, but tend to be steeper, topping at 20%. But the participants will be surrounded by beauty in what is said to be called North America’s Switzerland.

With the end in sight the participants will cycle into New Hampshire, which is the 10th and last American state on the 5800 km long trip. There will be time for reflection, a farewell dinner and a glass of champagne before saying farewells in Portsmouth along the Atlantic sea.

Some people thatBelieve in our mission


Every year, over 60,000 children are admitted into Danish hospitals. For many, it will be a life-changing event that will require them to become more familiar with a hospital bed than their own bed. The mission of KidsAid, is to focus on the children and their well-being during the treatments and their stay in the hospital. We aim to bring joy and smiles during these frightening experiences.

Since 2000, KidsAid has supported the children’s wards in hospitals throughout Denmark. We provide them with the opportunity to lessen the often traumatic hospital experience with positivity and fun. In addition to financial support, we also organise a series of events throughout the year – concerts, theatre plays and sporting events – and we invite the children that are being treated to come and enjoy something exciting and fun. Our goal is to give the sick children who are being treated in Danish hospitals a unique experience to take their minds off the challenges they face everyday. (

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